At Trivett, trading in your car for a new or used vehicle is simple and hassle free. You will not have the expense of trying to find a buyer or having to hold onto your old car possibly for a long time while you pay for insurance premiums and registration and other ongoing costs.

The process involved with transferring credit of your trade-in value towards the purchase of another car has never been easier. We will handle all that’s needed and in most cases all that’s required from you is just your signature.

The transaction of your trade in vehicle will be handled with the most upmost professionalism. The rigorousness of our inspection and research during this process defines Trivett as market leaders.

  • Guaranteed clear funds for your vehicle
  • We accept your car in its current condition
  • We can help you with arranging your finance payout
  • We check to ensure your new vehicle has clear titles and is free of encumbrances
  • No advertising, detailing, mechanical or RTA costs
  • Minimum time lost
  • You can take advantage of our current specials straight away
  • No risk and protection against criminal and fraudulent activities



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Alternatively, if you’re not ready to trade-in your car, we are always on the lookout for vehicles that we can purchase.

Note: While Trivett is always on the lookout for vehicles that we can purchase, we are unable to guarantee the purchase of all vehicles submitted to us through this website.


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The roles of the valuer in the trade-in process?

Using sound knowledge and great market insights our experienced valuers will assess your vehicle thoroughly and determine the best trade-in price.

The value of service history?

A complete regular service history will make your vehicle much more attractive to prospective buyers, and you will not only find it easier to sell / trade in but will most certainly receive a higher price compared to if you haven't serviced your vehicle.

What we look for in determining the condition of a vehicle?

While assessing a trade in vehicle our valuers will inspect the vehicle’s overall condition, including (but not limited to) the kilometres travelled, previous accidents, service history, condition of wear and tear internally / externally, and any mechanical repairs needed.

The tools we use to establish a fair market price?

Through experience, market knowledge and specialised software, our valuers are able to determine the best possible trade-in price.